Tournament Rules

PGA of Manitoba

Tournament Rules and Regulations



1.     The regulations set out below shall govern the operation of all tournaments run under the auspices of the PGA of Manitoba and the conduct and responsibilities of the competitors therein.

2.     The Players’ Declaration, which appears in the manual, is signed and acknowledged on every entry form.


1.     Entries must be made in writing with cheque or post- dated cheques enclosed or credit card number attached to the PGA of  Manitoba Tournament Entry Form, and must arrive at the Zone Office by the deadline specified on the Entry Form.

2.     Entry deadline for any tournament is 96 hours before the tournament date.

3.     See the individual entry forms for deadline dates for each tournament.

4.     Any Entry accepted after the 96 hour deadline date will be subjected to a $50.00, plus GST, late fee. The late fee will be in addition to the original entry fee.

5.     Entries fees, including any applicable late fees, must be paid before play is permitted. There will be no entry fee payments accepted the day of the tournament.

6.     Provision for acceptance of late entries will be solely at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

7.     Withdrawal, past the entry dead line, will be subject to a $50.00 forfeiture fee. All withdrawals must be made in writing to the Zone Office.

8.     Withdrawals made by phone after the deadline may be subjected to a loss of the entire entry fee.

9.     No person may participate un less he/she is a member in good standing of the PGA of Manitoba.

10.   Starting Times: It is the player’s responsibility to check with the host tournament site for the most up- to- date tee times. The draw will be posted on the PGA of Manitoba website two days prior to the event.

Tournament Administration

The Tournament Chairman and the Host Professional shall administer the rules laid down by the Tournament Committee. They shall refer to the Committee any matter, which they feel requires the Committee’s consideration. Players have the right to appeal in writing any penalties they are assessed to the Tournament Committee post-marked within 7 days of the assessment.

Offences and Fines (Discipline)

The fines below are the minimum amount that will be assessed. The Discipline Committee, based on the severity of the occurrence, deems the fines may be subject to change.

1.     All penalties must be paid - or an appeal made - before play will be allowed in the next tournament.

                 No Show:  (Less than 24 hours cancellation notice provided by the Golf Professional to the Host professional. Any PGA of Manitoba Sanctioned Event.)


                 Etiquette:   (Generally accepted rules of golf course etiquette, some of which include but are not limited to the following) :

                 Maximum fine 5500.00

                 a)  Removing ball from hole with putter or other club

                 b)  Failure to repair ball marks

                 c)  Failure to rake bunkers

                 d)  Spitting

                  e)  Purposeful damage to the golf course, negligence etc.

                   f)  Walking or driving in prohibited areas

                   g)    Yelling or shouting

                  (The above offences do not exclude the clubhouse. parking lot and non-golf related areas of the facility.)

  • Failure to return scorecard (within 15 minutes)       DSQ
  • Failing to complete round     $100
  • Failing to comply with Dress Code     $100
  • Conduct or Language likely to injure the reputation of the PGA of Manitoba, the Host Club or the Sponsor     $250
  • Absence at the Prize Presentation  (without prior notice)     $200

2.     All penalties will be doubled for a second offence. A third offence may lead to expulsion from participation in future PGA of Manitoba events. Penalties also apply to all practice rounds.

3.     All penalties must be paid to the PGA of Manitoba upon assessment and any appeal must be made in writing to the Tournament Chairman of the PGA of Manitoba within 7 days.


1.     In the event of ties, prize money will be divided equally among those tied, except that is when a competitor wins a sudden victory playoff for the Tournament, he or she will receive first place money.

2.     Any player involved in a playoff and not immediately available takes the last playoff position.

3.     Tee order for two-player playoff will be based on a coin flip with the first player in getting the call and choice. A multiple player playoff will result in a number cap draw with the first player in getting first pick. This may not apply to pro- am competitions.

Stoppage of Play or Cancellation of Tournament

1.     If the judgment of the Tournament Committee, adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence beyond the control of the PGA of Manitoba renders the commencement or continuation of the tournament impractical, play shall be postponed until such a time as the Tournament Committee considers that play can be continued.

2.     Suspension of Play: If it becomes necessary to suspend play due to potentially dangerous situation during a round, a member of the Tournament Committee will sound one prolonged blast on the air horn or siren. Once play is suspended proceed under Rule 6-8b. All other types of suspension shall be signalled by several consecutive short blasts.

3.     Resumption of Play: Two consecutive air horn or siren blasts will signal the resumption of play, please resume play immediately.

4.     In the event weather shortens a tournament, prize money will be distributed as agreed to by the Sponsor and the Tournament Committee.

Rules of Play

*Golf Canada rules govern all play.

** Local Rules to be determined at each event based on playing conditions.

1.     LIST OF CONFORMING GOLF BALLS — APPENDIX 1: OnIy brands of golf balls on the most current RCGA list of conforming golf balls may be used. Penalty for use of ball not on the list: disqualification.

2.     ONE BALL RULE — LIMITATION OF GOLF BALLS USED DURING ROUND: This rule is in effect at all PGA of Manitoba sanctioned tournaments except for Amateurs in Pro-A. m. (RuIes5-1 and 33-1)


3.     TIME OF STARTING: Rule 6-3a provides: “The player shall start at the time laid down by the committee.” The penalty for breach of rule 6-3a is disqualification. However, it is a condition of the competition that, if the player arrives at his\her starting point, within five minutes after his\her starting time, in the absence of circumstances which warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in rule 33-7, the penalty for failure to start on time is in match play; loss of the first hole instead of disqualification or in stroke play: two (2) stokes at the first hole instead of disqualification. Note: All competitors in a group must be present and ready to play at the time laid down by the rules committee. The order of play is not relevant.

4.     UNDUE DELAY: A player shall be subject to penalty if he\she unduly delays play. (Rule 6-7).


          i)  A player shall not play any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the last hole player. (For other practice                 see Rule 7)

          ii)  During suspension of play other than due to a dangerous situation, practice is permitted but onIy in areas specifically designed for practice by the rules committee.

6.     SUSPENSION OF PLAY DUE TO A DANGEROUS SITUATION (lighting, tornado, etc.) : When play is suspended due to a dangerous situation, players in a group between the play of two holes shall not resume play until the rules committee has ordered so. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they shall discontinue play immediately and shall not thereafter play until the rules committee has ordered a resumption of play. Penalty for breach of local rule: Disqualification. All practice areas shall be closed during suspension of play due to a dangerous situation until the rules committee has declared them open for use.  Players who disregard closed practice areas shall be subject to a fine. NOTE: A suspension for a dangerous situation shall be signalled by one prolonged blast of the horn or siren. Several short intermittent notes of a horn shall signal all other types of suspension. Two intermittent horn blats shall signal resumption of play.

7.     TRANSPORTATION — APPENDIX 1:  Automotive transportation is permitted at all PGA of Manitoba sanctioned tournaments.

8.     RESULTS OF THE COMPETITION:  When all scores have been approved by the PGA of Manitoba rules committee, the result of the competition is deemed to have been officially announced.




Category 1 — A member working full-time (35+ hours per week) at an Approved Golf Course* or Approved Teaching Centre* will be eligible for all tournaments.

Category 2 — A member not working full-time at an Approved Golf Course* or Approved Teaching Centre*.

* Approved Golf Course — All Golf course with a minim um of 9 holes and a mini mum of 2500 yards employing a class A member of the Canadian PGA and operating in the Manitoba zone.

* Approved Teaching Centre — Teaching centre’s that employs a class A member of the Canadian PGA working full or part time in combination of an Approved Golf Course.


Eligibility for PGA of Manitoba sanctioned tournaments is open to all PGA of Manitoba members in good standing. For PGA of Manitoba “Player of the Year” sanctioned tournaments, non-resident professionals and PGA of Manitoba professionals who are members and/or participants of recognized professional tours are not eligible. Professional Tour membership and participation will be determined by the PGA of Manitoba Board of Directors.

Professional Tours are defined as multiple events under one name which offer official prize money. Professional Tours recognized for the 2012 season are as follows: PGA Tour, Asian Tour, Nationwide Tour, Champions Tour, Canadian Tour and Great Lake Tours. Tours not listed are subject to the approval of the PGA of Manitoba. A PGA of Manitoba member will be considered a member of a professional tour if that member participates in more than two events during that accepted season (November 1"' of previous year to October 31"' of current year.)

Dress Code

All professionals are required to present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming, and are required at all times to be appropriately attired on the golf course and in the precinct of the clubhouse.  Players will obey the dress regulations of the Host Club, and denim type jeans and t-shirts are strictly forbidden at all functions. Shirts must be tucked in and peak of the hat facing forward. 

Professionals are not permitted to wear short unless the forecast for the day of the event is for the temperature to be 40 degrees Celsius or higher (humidex) as per the forecast as of 6:00 am on “” on the day of the event.

Male professionals must wear a Jacket and Tie; Female professionals must wear business attire for all receptions, dinners and seminars unless otherwise stated on entry forms. Violation will result in the appropriate fine. The dress code applies to all PGA of Manitoba sanctioned events.

Alcohol Policy

No alcohol may be consumed at PGA of Manitoba sanctioned events.

Player’s Declaration

By submitting an entry form to a tournament, all competitors are agreeing to the following:

1.     I certify that I have read the PGA of Manitoba tournament rules and conditions governing each tournament to be conducted under the auspices of the PGA of Manitoba and acknowledge as the sole authority the Committee appointed by the Association.

2.     I accept the terms and conditions laid down in this manual, together with any amendments that are deemed necessary.

3.     I agree to conduct myself both on and off the golf course in a way befitting the PGA of Manitoba and Canadian PGA of Canada of Canada By-laws, Categories of Membership and PGA of Canada Rules.

4.     I agree to abide by the decisions of the Tournament Committee and will accept their decision as final.

5.     I agree to abide by the conditions listed for each tournament that I enter.

6.     I agree to co-operate with the media upon request for an interview.

7.     I agree that I will not share any part of the prize money that I may win in a Championship with any other contestant. I will not enter any arrangement such as “prize splitting.”

PGA of Manitoba Exemptions and Team Selections


Top Four Head Professionals/ Head Teaching Professionals/ Executive Professionals in the PGA of Manitoba Championship will comprise the Manitoba Team to attend the CPC Championship in November.


The Assistants team will be determined following completion of the Assistant’s Championship. The two rounds of the Assistant’s Championship and the competitor’s two best points total from the first four Player of the Year events will determine the team members. The Player of the Year point system will be used in all of these four eligible rounds, i.e. Points will be determined according to the size of the field and the place the competitor finishes. The Manitoba Zone Assistant Team will be responsible for their own travel and expense as determined by the Board of Directors.